Colorful Reflection


What a sweet adventure this has been, a true gift of trust and savoring each moment that we are given, for truly it is in those moments that this worlds greatest gifts are revealed.

Reflecting back on this trip, throughout Belize, parts of Guatemala, and Eastern Canada there has been many moments that have uplifted, and inspired, and have been great grounds for learning that are being appreciated through trust in a greater process and perspective than just our own goals.

We began this trip together, knowing in our hearts that it was the right decision for us at this time. After visioning what we wanted out of life for this year, we seized the moment, when the opportunity came to travel to Belize. Knowing in our hearts it was where we needed to be, the jungle sounds were calling us! Savoring the feeling that our goals were manifesting little by little, day by day, and in a way that we couldn’t even imagine… better than we imagined.  It’s amazing, through this experience I have been given a sneak peak, into the power of visioning, determination, unity and trusting in the process (while enjoying and rocking out the moments as sweet as they are) that through our efforts, great things can be achieved! And it feels like just the beginning…

Yes, it is wonderful, and all wonderful things do allow for learning moments and growth spurts that (in the moment) can be challenging, but as we each work through, with patience and love can be true gift and bounty in the long run. A gift from Belize, is the patience through the process of life that was realized… as our plans can be great and far reaching, we are assisted on our path to something higher than ourselves, more profound than we can dream up ourselves… starting with a connection to our inner senses and our quiet and thoughtful voice that shows us the way, if we are open to listening. One observation I have come to acknowledge as so precious is to keep in touch with our inner selves, to trust our abilities and strengths and to celebrate (for real) the “opportunities for growth” we are presented with (oh great! another opportunity for growth!), always learning. It is a really sweet thing.

As I began to write this, I was sitting in the airport ready to board our plane from Ottawa to Toronto with a final destination of Vancouver Island, where I am now… I felt then and feel now a sense of calm and sincere gratitude, for this gift experienced within my self, with my husband, Kelly, with family near and far and with the many communities that we have interacted and connected with on so many levels.

Although the location can change, as change is constant, we always have our inner self to guide our way, to connect to our inner sense of calm, creativity, wisdom and love. It is always with us, no matter where we are. Perhaps that is why home can feel like home anywhere we are. A unifying feeling that connects us to the world around us, and provides us with a clear path to follow, if we listen.

In moments, in quiet southern Belize, in the heart of the jungle to swimming across a lake in Eastern Quebec, surrounded by nature, it is easy to feel that sense of connection and calm to our surroundings. Noticing the sweat drip from our eyebrows in the hot humid air, and then the refreshing breeze on our face that the jungle seems to provide at just the right time, to the taste of a fresh cocoa pod picked right from the tree, as we taste the divinity of the fruit inside, to the cool, cleansing lake waters that a dive into the lake brings in late June after a treacherous winter in Canada, and a warm glow on our face as we stand by the fire… I feel alive! And connected. These opportunities with nature seem to shine a glimmering light on a connection to our inner self, peaceful, quiet moments.   The key seems to be in accessing these moments, when we feel the cars are racing past us, as the clock on the wall spins, and the sun rises and sets without a notice… that we can, take a moment, to be. To feel and to be in touch with what our heart is saying. Breathing in and out, and noticing our senses are sometimes all is takes… to feel what a profound impact that can have on being in touch and channeling our energy, as our vision unfolds.

A recognition that life seems to be a process, a patient process, in which events and opportunities flow in and out (like the tide on the beautiful Belizean Reef) and that everything has it’s purpose and contributes to the richness and beauty of life.  Although it can feel as though it is always changing with new colors and sounds, with a recognition that we too, do grow and change and can find solace from within in connecting to that inner self, as it continues to guide our way.

Upon reflecting and listening, my intention from this beautiful experience of travel, living, and learning, is to continue to access this sense of peace and calm that we are all given, within ourselves. To be open to the world around me in all of it’s rich diversity, to feel the breeze on my face, the cold, fresh water on my skin, and the strengthening heat from the sun, as my eyes, ears, heart and soul, savor, reflect and embrace the opportunities and love that we are given, and can give, each day.

With love and gratitude I take a deep breath and smile…

IMG_3657 IMG_7367 IMG_4987 IMG_5062IMG_3683 DSC03198 IMG_4073 IMG_8679 IMG_7886 IMG_4419 IMG_4477 IMG_8143 IMG_4808  IMG_5342IMG_5083 IMG_9276 IMG_5398 IMG_4873IMG_5319 IMG_8583 IMG_4814IMG_8844 IMG_4964 IMG_8903 IMG_8919 IMG_8938 IMG_8931 IMG_8951 IMG_5717 IMG_5771 IMG_5954 IMG_9225IMG_5949 IMG_9251 IMG_5963IMG_5768


4 thoughts on “Colorful Reflection

  1. Wow! Spectacular, Kate! You are fully exploiting your gift to feel gratitude, and translate your personal life lessons into language that is clear, sharing and inclusive. The joy you feel, the excitement you two are experiencing together, the wonder that you’ve always had… all come through in your wonderful prose. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for inspiring and teaching us a brighter way to be.

    • Daaadddd, that is so thoughtful. The words from your heart, presented in such a thoughtful, encouraging and sincere way, are truly special to me. Thank you for being a huge inspiration, mentor and grounding energy in my life. I Love you very much!

  2. Katie! Your words fill my heart with inspiration and hope. What an adventure! Your photos made me laugh, missing those beautiful smiles!!! xoxoxo

    • Dearest Lauren! You are so wonderful, aw that warms my heart, it really does. Many adventures still to be discovered and unveiled:)- looking forward to seeing you soon! With love,

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