Bring on Spring!

Good Morning!  and truly it is.  The sun is shining, new birds are singing, the air is fresh, new flowers are emerging, and the Cieba tree is more full and lush than I have ever seen… grounding and life giving, welcoming Spring in with joy!  Happy Spring everyone!  Let the fresh breeze come in.

I will take a moment to say, “Welcome Back” to this travel and reflection journal… it feels great to refresh.  This last month has been a bustle of activity in completing the last three courses of my degree… and I can now officially say Hallelujah!  Here we go!  It has been a lovely experience studying in the jungle, and finishing my Business Administration Degree in this way. Was that howler monkey’s cheering? Feeling grateful.

Reflecting on gratitude… Lately, Kelly and I have been taking moments to reflect on the things in life that we are grateful for… they can be simple like a cup of coffee or homemade chocolate melting in your mouth (haha what else?) or sweet like a loving family and beautiful friends.  Many times it is the connection with people that is cherished the most…the loving and enlightening people all around the world… here in Belize, in other places that we have traveled and in Canada… people that have really touched our hearts, in the way that they live their life, experiences they want to share, and in the way that they welcome others in with such an open heart.  It is energizing and uplifting!

Just the act of taking a moment to reflect has been really special… it’s powerful, and can turn a unsure moment into a really lovely moment.  A grateful attitude, I will continue to nourish.

Upon reflecting on this last month or so, there are true highlights that come to mind…

~Completing my Degree! he he he!

~Attending Kelly’s Coffee Class (mmmm!)

~Experimenting with Cocoa (and tasting the process every step of the way… I could get used to this!)

~Visiting Blue Creek and indulging in cocoa and corn tortillas on Maya Day followed by a fresh and clean swim!

~Participating in “Seedy Saturday” and learning about growing our own food, and having a burst of inspiration to start our own garden!

~Learning to make the most delicious brownies, from two sweet chefs, and sharing them with others (delightful)!

~Taking an adventurous and enlightening trip to Guatemala to source coffee and connect with a beautiful friend

~Sharing with friends and family all along the way… connecting with hearts

… I will post about these moments very shortly…stay tuned!


IMG_3818 IMG_3775 IMG_3949 IMG_4073 IMG_4119  IMG_4197 IMG_4286 IMG_4289 DSC02408 DSC02528 IMG_3463 IMG_3827 IMG_3748IMG_4158IMG_3766IMG_3983




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