Reflection and Rejuvenation


This time of year, wrapping up the winter, and giving it a warm kiss, farewell, in anticipation for the spring, is a time of reflection, renewal, and reinvigoration.  The Spring has a gentle way of refreshing us, both inwardly and outwardly, and when I take a moment… to honor this, to savor a moment reflecting on the previous seasons, allows me to,naturally, grow into Spring, a fresh new, vibrant season.  Uplifting as our body, mind and soul are renewed.

As I embrace the quiet moments in the soft morning sunrise of the jungle, as the birds begin to sing, I feel the air is imbued with energy… a joyful awareness surrounds me, and as I meditate intothe morning… reflections of gratitude, insight, and tranquility are welcomed, and a new level of trust is restored.

As the sun begins to rise, and light streams through the cotton trees, shedding instant warmth onto the earth, a humble appreciation for the gifts within each precious moment, and the gifts within our heart, fills my soul.

Taking a moment to breath, in and out, the fresh, sweet morning air.


“Be calm, be strong, be grateful, and become a lamp full of light, that the darkness of sorrows be annihilated, and that the sun of everlasting joy arise from the dawning-place of heart and soul, shining brightly.”



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