The Earth Ship

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Being creative, thinking outside, and actually stepping outside of “the box”, looking at a situation through a different lens, seeing that there is many dances to the same beat, many different ways to eat beans, many styles of roofs to cover your head, and many different ways to lead a full and meaningful life that may even inspire others along the way…

This is a quality that I truly admire in people very close to me and how they have shown me examples of how this quality manifests itself in action!

So “they” say change is the only constant, and to accept that we are truly in a constant state of learning, is a humbling and uplifting experience all at once… it credits our knowledge and wisdom that we have developed up to this moment, and also allows a continual flow for new knowledge and insight to build on in ourselves and with others.  To be in a posture of learning, seems conducive to connecting to your spirit and to spontaneity, and the ability to action in the direction of your goals/higher purpose, when the opportunity arises.  When we are allowing ourselves the time to reflect… the key is to take action…

Last month, we visited a family, originally from London that has now been living in Belize for the past three years or so; a Mom, Dad, and lovely young kids, building a new life in Belize!  And when I say “building”, I truly mean it; they are building a new, creative, outside of the recycling box, vibrant, home, known as “The Earth Ship”.  Absolutely stunning.

After a family movie night of watching “Garbage Warriors”, they were totally and incredibly inspired… the Mom and Dad looked at each other and said “Let’s do it!”  And began there mission to build their very own, dream home to live in.  Demonstrating inspiration to action at it’s finest!

For a family that has travelled quite a bit, they contemplated the location before settling on Belize for its beauty and potential and have been working tirelessly since.

The treasure of their home is that it is made out of a beautiful array of sparkling garbage, of all different sorts!  Bottles: glass and plastic, blue, green, clear and brown, and the special reds and pinks here and there.  Reflecting the sunset in a myriad of colors.  Truck tires, organized in a tetras fashion, filled with bottles and earth to lay the foundation; each one placed artistically to form the walls, others to form the stairs to the second floor.  Concrete poured with care to form a luxury bed, whose base is full of garbage (the most beautiful garbage bed)!  Cleaned, cared for and creative.  Spiral stairs, dotted with clear glass bottles, to the roof top sun deck, where the drainage system begins…catching the torrential downpours of the jungle, conserving each lime sized rain drop in a strategic system, that will eventually supply their shower, flush their toilet, nourish their garden in the dry season, and pass through a filtration system for a refreshing drink of water from the sky.

All of which is being built by hand, by love, by the family and friends and volunteers worldwide who come to stay to place a bottle or two in the foundation of the walls and windows.

An open concept, ceilings tall enough to jump and dance around, and Spanish inspired relaxation design, this house made from garbage, is truly luxurious.

As they were,  joyfully sharing their passion with us, a project that has been longer than they have planned, patiently pursuing their dream, trusting in the decision they made to embark on this journey, and enlightening us on their vision, process and plans for further development, surely left me feeling uplifted, and inspired, to share it too.

Little reminders to let your light shine (brightly through a glass bottle in the most beautiful way) and it will inspire others to do the same.


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