Introducing: Cardamom!

fresh cardamom

The jewel of spices, for when you find one of these little tan colored pods at the bottom of your Chai tea, you know you are a special friend.  It is said that in Indian tradition, only dear friends will receive a full cardamom pod in their Chai… a nice surprise, if I do say so myself!

The leaves of the cardamom tree have a different flavor then the seeds, but can also be used in cooking, as a wrap around meat or veggies or to infuse rice.  The delicate and thin outer shell of the pod, hosts the precious black seed inside… where most of the flavor is held.

This lovely little seed is used to make the Most Delicious Chai Tea and as you are sipping on your fragrant drink, you can rest assured that your stomach is smiling too!

This little spice is used to relax intestinal spasms, relieve constipation and gas (oh, did I just say that?), and assist those suffering from heartburn.  All you have to do is add a little pod (crushed), to your favorite tea, or simmer a few crushed pods into your oatmeal.



4 thoughts on “Introducing: Cardamom!

  1. I love it when I find a cardamom pod in my tea! From a very special friend! Can’t wait to enjoy your home-made Chai when you return 🙂

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