Introducing: Cinnamon!


It is such a treasure to discover as I walk down the pathway in the evening sunset, and catch a slight breeze that carries this sweet and spicy aroma…as I’m curious what tree is enticing me, I approach the nearest one with grace and by lightly pressing the leaves, I know, it’s you Cinnamon, without a doubt!

The leaves are stretching, to catch the last of the rays before sunset… this is the best time, in traditional healing, to harvest the leaves, when all of the dew has dried off the plant, and the nutritional properties are absorbed into the leaves.  I do pick a few dry leaves to use to scent our room, but for culinary use the bark is the best.  This is where the powder, in isle five, is derived from.

The trees in our backyard are still in their stages of growth, but the bark off a fully-grown tree, is a true delight and satisfaction!  You can literally peel it off, and chew on it right then and there to refresh your breath and balance your blood sugar.  How convenient… let’s keep hiking!

The bark is harvested, dried, and can be stored to warm stews, marinades, cereals, drinks and teas… a must have in the cupboard, I’d say!  Not only is it warming to the heart, it is also great for the heart.  Some of the medicinal benefits to using cinnamon everyday on your oatmeal, is:

It helps to control diabetes, traditionally it is used to aid in healing from bronchitis and has actually been used as a property in western prescription medication to reduce blood clotting. 

To derive the benefits from cinnamon, you simply can steep the bark in hot water for ten minutes and enjoy as a tea or sprinkle the powder over your cereal in the morning and feel the warming effects instantly.

“Good Warming Tea” (to be enjoyed after you rise out of bed):

 ½ fresh lemon

1 cinnamon stick, split in two or 1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp honey

1 cup of boiling hot water



Stay tuned for the next ingredient…


One thought on “Introducing: Cinnamon!

  1. Ha! Awesome job, Kate! I love the picture you paint in my mind. And I can picture your cereal steeping on the counter here at home with a pile of cinnamon.

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