A spice farm in our backyard

Cinnamonvanilla treetree

We are going to be making a cake together!  How divine!  It will be a sweet and a particularly spicy cake that is filled with all the wonderful treasures that are offered in the humid rainforests of Belize.  A special place, where, if you listen close enough, can hear all of the plants stretching and growing out of the earth, or perhaps they are singing?   The unique part about our journey through this recipe, is we will not only end of up with something delicious at the end (a definite motivator), but will also learn all about the beautiful spices, that burst the cake into flavor and pure joy.  A second slice anyone?  And if that is not enough, you will be able to lightly sip on a spiced chai, as you are warmed by your increase of knowledge and appreciation for each ingredient that was sourced so carefully.

Let’s begin!

As far as I knew before arriving in Belize, the little spices that would bring about this joy could be found in isle five “the baking isle” at the grocery store.  I would search, alphabetically, for all spice first, then cardamom… “Oh, how convenient cinnamon is right beside it!”… I would then grab my nutmeg and shift my eyes to the lower shelf to find vanilla.  Finished!  Time to take my pristine packages of spice to cashier and have a joyful time baking.   Now, my appreciation for the spice that I once found in “isle five” has grown so much more.  I am in love.

Before the selling, before the shipping, before the packaging, before the harvesting… are these beautiful plants, growing strongly and with purpose to absorb rain and sunshine, to provide for and compliment the culinary world and to enhance the integration of the prevention and treatment of ailments through alternative medicine.  So much love, out of these plants.

I image that we can all relate to that lovely aroma in our home or favorite café around this time of year (when the weather is cooler…in some parts of the world), of allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and vanilla all stirred together.  To me, these smells always bring a smile to my face, and fill me heart with warmth… interesting how a plant can elicit such a lovely emotion as well.

Now, what is the expression?  “That all good things take time?”… To honor that thought, a new ingredient will be introduced in a timely manner…please check in, as we journey through this recipe together.


2 thoughts on “A spice farm in our backyard

  1. Katie! Wow. It’s so lovely how you describe your experience, makes me feel like I’m there with you! I can only imagine these beautiful spices and the way you mix them together in the perfect proportions to make authentic chai tea. Your backyard sounds much better than aisle five! I can only imagine 🙂

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