Will you babysit when you arrive? Yes!

Kids!…and I am so glad that I said Yes, and trusted my instinct to just go for it!   Two days after I arrived at Belcampo, there was a family arriving, an extended family that consisted of two sisters and their husbands and their lovely little kids (four kids all under the age of five years old) and each set of grandparents from both the husband and wife’s side, and aunts and uncles!  A family adventure! As they pulled up in the cruiser with their beaming faces, I knew it was going to be just a lovely time!

The little baby was strapped to his Mom in a Boba, and had a smile as wide as a five month old could possibly smile…his cheerful expression lasted for the whole time he visited here, charming everyone he met!  Then there was the eighteen month old, curious and chubby cheeked girl with a bright pink bow in her hair; saying “monkey, monkey. woo woo woo”… she was ready for the jungle!  The oldest boy, age five, and his sister, age three jumped out of the cruiser next.  The boy was outgoing and curious, and ready to introduce himself, “Hi!” whereas, the younger sister, looking so sweet with her bow and little dress, gave me a look of “I’m not convinced…” Okay! Here we go.  I am so grateful that it was myself and Florita, a beautiful, lovely Belizean lady to look after these four sweeties for the next three and a half days, and the calm and enduring Ms. Joyce, would care for them in the night.  We were a team.

The family of these children, a gracious and kind family that travels here often to fly fish, and explore the Rio Grande and Carribean Sea close to Belcampo…a familiar place for them, but new traveling here with their kids.  They were also the first family to be guests in the Ridge Suites of Belcampo, an incredible and peaceful panoramic view of the jungle and the sea, accessed by a tram up the mountain.  To spend my next few days here, all I could do was breath in the fresh air with gratitude and smile at the beauty of it all.

Florita and I started at 7am, just after the sun came up… I would make a quick stop for an espresso at the coffee bar, a bowl of granola and a kiss from Kelly (who can blame me?), and make my way up the tram.  The first thing I see, is the two oldest siblings, bright and early in their P.J.’s splashing in the pool!  Immediately my attention is there, and we play for an hour, while Florita looks after the two youngest, changing diapers and bopping with babies (so cute).

The vibrancy for life that the kids have is infectious, and their zeal to explore every little nook, bug, moth, puddle, bird… is inspiring.  All of a sudden the beautiful jungle, became a magical land of incredible creatures… with these two, we would spend hours examining all of the different moths that would land on the Ridge Suite’s steps and surrounding areas; moth’s that truly looked like leaves from where I stood, but from the height of a three year old, was clearly, not just a leaf.  As she touched the moth, the wings expanded to reveal two owl eye patterns on the moth’s wings… a mechanism of disguise.  The kids and I were easily attracted to the world around us, and explored and played each day…with these two intelligent and independent young one’s who were so sweet to be around, the feeling of curiosity was endless.  The oldest brother has an eye for birds and would recite the names and sounds of the different birds of Belize to me, recording what they sound like as well, he was fascinated… there is over six hundred species of avifauna in Belize!  The three year old would be more observant of my actions, and ask questions like “Why do you say Pardon Me?”, “Why do you wear your bathing suit under your clothes?”, and when in the pool, “Is your wedding ring waterproof?”… She was very genuine and curious, and when she let me in to be her friend, we really bonded! It is amazing how bonds of trust and friendship can be built in such a short amount of time, and I truly felt a sense of love for them.  The lessons they shared with me, to be curious, to embrace the world around them with joy, and to smile at everyone because new friends always make the world a better place, will stick with me.

By the end of our time together, when they were heading back home…they came to give me a big huge hug and said, “You are my friend, you know”… and they are in my heart forever.


One thought on “Will you babysit when you arrive? Yes!

  1. Great descriptions, Kate! You would be a natural with those kids. Love your final summation, says it all. And you are in their hearts forever, too.

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