Happy New Year! from Belize!

Welcome to Belize

Here we are! A whole new adventure and experience to be discovered deep within the jungle of southern Belize, outside a small town called Punta Gorda.

In anticipation and trust of the decision we made together to live here, the trip here was an enjoyment of peace, serenity and quiet reflection to take this adventure on together with open arms. Trusting in each other, the universe and us.

The quiet reflection that the jungle brings, is filling me with gratitude as I look back on the previous year, and what has happened within these lovely 12 months. Kelly and I, both individually and as a team, have developed the habit of visioning and setting goals for the next few months/year or so (short and long term goals)…it’s kind of fun! It seems to evolve naturally, and it’s something that brings great joy when we see our dreams coming true (so to say☺). Goal setting is also coupled with trust in something greater than ourselves, that our goals will be achieved and we will be assisted in our endeavors.

To start, as the year began, in our small apartment in Ladysmith, we were both reflecting on how we wanted to build and grow and what we would like to see for this year together. If you know Kelly and I, you may pick up that we both love to travel, connect with people and experience new cultures, Kelly loves coffee and chocolate and chocolate and coffee 😉 and I love nature, humanity and chocolate so keeping this in mind we began to ponder together.
As we sat down, we naturally wrote:

1. Live in another country together with purpose (we were intrigued after Mexico!)

2. Travel to a coffee/chocolate producing region

3. Positively impact the community we reside in

4. Bike ride more ☺ you know those goals were in their too! (ect.)

We folded the piece of paper, and continued our day, not to sure how they would be realized but feeling re-energized in the process.

As the year unraveled, we began to notice opportunities emerge that seemed evident on which route to take… As Kelly was offered an internship in Belize, and then a job as the agro-tourism manager for the new coffee and chocolate buildings at Belcampo Lodge, it was like a gift to commit to this years position and just to go for it (and naturally we wanted to experience this together), in alignment with our vision and goals (both individually and together). Weo!

Although our home in community in mid-Vancouver Island is vibrant, and surrounded by a radiant family and friends, we will be reunited again☺

Now, two months later into Kelly’s work opportunity, I have arrived one week ago already!, With three course to complete online, a new community to connect with and also feeling blessed to be re-united with my sweet heart (awwww).

Here is to a beautiful year ahead for everyone… it is a pleasure to share with you!

kel and kate




4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! from Belize!

  1. Hi Kate! What an excellent posting! Thank you for sharing your growth experiences with us – I find them very encouraging. We’re very happy for you guys! Love ya!

  2. Wow Katie! I never knew you were such a great writer. I’m looking forward to reading through more of your adventures and experiencing a few with you and Kell in February.

    Play safe and Happy New Year to you both!

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